Jutras Construction Ltd.


"Their knowledgeable management and experienced staff allowed them to finish our project ahead of schedule, on budget and well within allowable margins of error."

Jutras Construction was founded in 2006 as a concrete subtrade specializing in structural concrete. Since then, the company has built a reputation for speed, quality and professionalism, and has successfully completed many challenging projects.

Our Experience:

We know concrete! From formwork to finishing, we have extensive experience on many different types of projects. From 6" curbs and 2' grade beam to 40' columns and 75' elevator shafts (and everything in-between), Jutras is able to produce quality results.

"I wish all my subtrades were like Jutras Construction."

Your Experience:

Our strong commitment to professionalism and safety pays dividends for us and for our customers. Our customers have often recommended Jutras to others. We understand the importance of your schedule and we meet our commitments to you.


"The staff was easy to work with and adapted swiftly and easily to rectify any situations that arose."
"I would be proud to have them work on future projects with me, and would confidently recommend their services."


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