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"I would be proud to have them work on future projects with me, and would confidently recommend their services."
Complete foundation and structural packages.
We'll get your building out of the ground!
Jutras Construction can take your project from green field to completed structural --ready for other trades.
Committed to Professionalism & Safety!
"Their knowledgeable management and experienced staff allowed them to finish our project ahead of schedule, on budget and well within allowable margins of error."

General Contracting

  • Commercial & Large Residential Projects
  • Construction Management
  • Effective Site Management
  • Quality Control

Specialized Concrete

  • Architecturally-Exposed Concrete (AEC)
  • Unique Formwork Projects
  • Structural Slabs & Concrete Support Structures
  • Elevators & Stairwell Shafts, Shear Walls

Foundation Packages

  • Grade Beam on Piles
  • Wall on Footing Foundations
  • Dirtwork - Excavation & Backfill
  • Flatwork & Finishing
  • Parkades & Parking Garages

Tilt-Up Buildings

  • Concrete Panel Warehouses
  • Commercial Tilt-Up Buildings
  • Architectural Design Elements
  • Longevity and Affordability

About Jutras Construction

Founded in 2006 as a concrete subtrade, Jutras Construction has over 10 years of experience in the Alberta construction industry. In that time, we have completed over 150 projects in the Edmonton area and over all of Alberta.

Jutras Construction is a single point of contact for all of your construction needs. Our team of qualified, motivated professionals has the experience, ability and integrity to complete any project and to work toward a solution for any construction challenge, no matter the complexity. Our reputation is simple; we do what we say and we do it well.

Over the last 12 years, we have fostered great relationships with owners, suppliers, trade partners and qualified tradespeople, allowing us in a timely manner to effectively respond to whatever needs our customers construction projects present.

Jutras Construction provides owners, developers and general contractors the construction management resources, the on-the-ground know-how and a team of qualified and experienced tradesmen to take on construction projects of any size and complexity. From the boardroom to the job site, we have the knowledge, skill and experience to bring cost and schedule certainty to any project.


Our Commitments


Every day that we all get home safe is a good day! We make it our mission to ensure this is played out each day at Jutras Construction. Our commitment to safety and to a culture of working safe is at the core of our business and is our first priority. Proper training, mentorship, and a comprehensive safety program are some of the ways that we give every employee and every project the best chance to be accident and incident free. Bottom line, we take safety seriously.


After ensuring the safety of our sites and employees, our next priority is quality. We know that to build relationships with owners, clients and developers, we must maintain our reputation as being a builder with the highest standards of quality. Long after the construction phase of your project is complete, the quality of the design and construction will be evident. We take pride in our projects and in our work. Quality is top-of-mind from the first design meeting, to project completion and every step in between.


Managing a successful construction project requires a commitment and ability to maintaining a schedule. We are determined to meet our schedule commitments while ensuring safety and quality are not compromised. In today's construction environment, much of the scheduling success relies on data management and effective communication strategies. Jutras Construction has a reputation for completing projects on time; our processes, data management and communication strategies give us every opportunity to succeed.

Edmonton Construction Association Member since 2009
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